1. Wood core. 

  2. Covered with American felt. 

  3. Produces a clear and quick attack for fast and rhythmic passages.


  1. Wood core.

  2. Covered with German felt.

  3. All-around general stick.


  1. German felt with cartwheel wrap.

  2. A plus-sized W2.

  3. Huge sound with lots of tone.


  1. 100% leather core.

  2. Darker, mellow, & fatter than wood.

  3. American felt.


  1. 100% leather core.

  2. Ball wrap.

  3. German felt allows for better rolls, and the smaller core still gives articulation when needed.

  4. Round and mellow sound.


  1. 100% leather core.

  2. Medium sized leather core.

  3. Cartwheel wrap, German felt

  4. Comparable to W2 in size.

The Leonard

Cartwheel wrap with American felt (soft side out)

  1. 14.5” total length

  2. Excellent for Britten’s -”Young Person’s Guide”

LBB - $90

  1. Extra soft German felt

  2. Cork core

  3. Wonderful for rolls and single notes


  1. Small rubberized cork core

  2. American felt, cartwheel wrap

  3. Very clear and clean stick

  4. Tone fattens as dynamic increases


  1. Small rubberized cork core

  2. German felt

  3. Clean tone that fattens as volume increases

  4. Very buoyant feeling off the drum head

The Badass

  1. Cartwheel wrap with german felt - made to precisely weighted handles and specific covering techniques.

  2. 14.5” total length

  3. Full bodied but articulate

  4. Very versatile

  5. The Badass


  1. Similar in size to L1, W1, & CR-1

  2. American hard side out

  3. Less “edge” when compared to wood

  4. Heavier than cork, lighter than leather


  1. Cartwheel wrap

  2. Medium size felt core

  3. American felt, soft side out

  4. Very versatile mallets


  1. Ball wrap or Cartwheel

  2. German felt, soft side out


  1. Cartwheel wrap

  2. Large felt core

  3. Thick layer of German Felt, soft side out


  1. Smallest of the felt cores

  2. Cartwheel wrap or Ball wrap

  3. Quick and articulate

  4. Beethoven and early classical rep

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  1. 14.25” total length

  2. Laminated bamboo core

  3. 1 1/8” x 3/4” core

Deer, cow

  1. 14.25” total length

  2. Leather core, soft deer skin covering.

  3. Slightly thicker than chamois.



Rubberized cork


All the mallets listed below are customizable.  Each pair of mallets can get made differently using the various handles offered, the desired weight, and combining that with numerous wrapping options.

If you specify nothing, you will still receive the highest quality product available.

If choosing bamboo handles, please specify sanded or natural when checking out via paypal or send an e-mail to jeff@luftmallets.com

All mallets are $80 except where noted.

Please contact me for time estimates on completing your order, as my availability and work schedule varies.

Microfiber Fzero

  1. Smallest of the felt cores

  2. Cartwheel wrap

  3. Extremely articulate

  4. Very durable material feels like a combination of billiard felt and suede.

  5. Baroque - light classical - modern rep




The FBS Roller - $90

  1. Firm But Squishy core  

  2. 14.75” total length

  3. This is like an LBB+

  4. darker and bit more weight up top than compared to cork counterpart

  5. FANTASTIC on Innegra handles

Merlin’s Wand

  1. Unique core material - cross between cork and rubber - lighter than rubberized cork

  2. 14.5” total length

  3. Full bodied and articulate

  4. Very versatile

  5. American felt soft side out

  6. Like a badass, but more weight up top